The Best Methods to Refinish Wood Cabinet Doors

The right refinishing techniques leave cabinet doors looking new. The doors on cabinets frequently take the brunt of every day abuse. Hitting into encompassing cabinets, grimy hands and different incidents of minor obliteration finally prompt the need for refinishing. The point when refinishing just the doors, understand that matching the color precisely to the cabinets may be a challenging assignment, particularly if the period of the kitchen furniture is an element.

When You Begin

While various approaches to refinish cabinet doors exist, they all start with the same process; the evacuation of hardware. Refinishing the doors while still connected to the cabinets is not prescribed. Remove the pivots first and foremost, which regularly requires just a screwdriver, despite the fact that a putty knife to pry the pivot itself far from the door may be vital after the evacuation of the screws. The handles additionally commonly just require a screwdriver. Prepared a compartment for all the bits of hardware so they may be replaced after the refinishing process.


One of the best strategies for refinishing cabinet doors is staining. The methodology starts with the stripping ceaselessly of the old finish, which is accomplished by applying and scraping without end a substance stripper with a putty knife or etch. Sandpaper is used to remove any remaining old finish. A stain is then connected to every side of the door and permitted to dry. The stain may as well match or complement the existing cabinets. A clear cover is then connected to seal and protect the stain. This technique is best for those wishing to keep the wood grain look of the cabinet doors.


For those wishing to abstain from stripping, sanding and staining the cabinet doors, paint may be the best refinishing system for cabinet doors. After the hardware is removed, the paint may be connected straight over the old finish. Use a roller or cloth to apply the paint for a smooth, just about without line look. Match the paint to other kitchen decor. Case in point, if the countertops are a marbled green, select one of the shades for the cabinets. While the doors might differentiate the cabinets, they match whatever is left of the kitchen. A clear cover will protect the paint from flying oil and different occasions that may happen.


Provided that cabinets are extremely scarred or in poor condition, adding polish may be the best strategy for refinishing. Polish is essentially a second layer of solid material that is added to the cabinet doors to cover the first ever appearance. The methodology includes measuring the cabinet doors and slicing the polish to match. A first stage then after that a glue is connected to the door and the lacquer put in place. This process leaves the cabinet door looking shiny new. New holes for the hardware need to be penetrated after lacquers are invested place.

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