How to Resurface Cabinet Doors

Resurfacing a cabinet can mean various things, incorporating repainting or refinishing. You can likewise cover the doors in laminate lacquer, a flimsy layer of wood or plastic that sticks to the front and gives another, clean surface. The doors must be even, without molding on them, for this to work, and its generally not something you need to do if the existing surface is respectable hardwood (its best for particleboard surfaces). You can get laminate polish with self-glue sponsorship at your nearby home-improvement store.

  1. Use your screwdriver to remove the cabinet doors and handles. Lay them out on a work territory.
  2. Sand the surface of the doors with your vibrating sander just enough to make them dull and even -free of all gleam. Brush off the dust.
  3. Measure the width and stature of the first door. Check out those measurements on a bit of laminate lacquer, adding in the vicinity of one creep encompassing.
  4. Use your razor knife to remove the laminate polish. Score along the lines and afterward snap off the piece.
  5. Pull the paper support off the converse side of the polish and instantly press it to door front. Position it so about an inch overhangs surrounding.
  6. Use your razor knife to cut off the abundance overhang. Run the knife along the edges of the door at a 45-degree point to make the cut.
  7. Cover a wood obstruct with a thick drying towel. Press the piece over the surface of the laminate from close to end to drive out any air pockets.
  8. Turn the door confront down on the work region. Embed your drill into the holes for the door handles and penetrate out the laminate. Rehash for every door. Reassemble the cabinet.

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