How to Update Cabinet Doors That Have Glass Inserts

Provided that your kitchen cabinets have glass doors yet they’re scratched with an antiquated example, you can remove the glass and replace it with something more accepted or up to date. You’ll discover a wide assortment of decisions, from clear glass to ribbed panes or craft glass. Assuming that you don’t discover an example you like, you can add decorative film to your glass panes before you install them. Measure the panes you want to replace and take the measurements to a glass shop or home-improvement store to request the glass or have the shop cut its in-stock glass to size.

  1. Set out a canvas in a work range. Put on your work gloves and safety glasses. Remove the glass-embed doors from your cabinets, using a screwdriver. Place every door on the canvas, with its rear confronting up.
  2. Remove the old glass from the cabinet doors. Use your putty knife, pincers or a dull-razor sharp edge knife – or a synthesis of these tools – hinging upon how the glass is installed. The panes may be held in place with slight molding, metal cuts or a dab of silicone caulk. In the event that the glass is secured with caulk, precisely work the putty knife or dull-bladed knife under the caulk to abstain from breaking the glass or damaging the door frame. Scrape out any remaining caulk.
  3. Apply modest drops of clear silicone along the inside edge of the cabinet door. Place a drop at every corner, then each six inches along the edges. Don’t make a difference excessively, or the caulk can overflow out onto the surface of the door when you embed the glass. Painstakingly lay the glass into the door frame, bottom end first and foremost, verify the pane is focused, then gave it a chance to rest even in the frame.
  4. Apply a dainty dot of caulk around the inside edge of the door frame to seal the once again of the glass. Determine the caulk isn’t noticeable from the front of the door. Let the caulk cure for 24 hours, or as controlled on the item mark, before rehanging the cabinet doors.

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