How to Stain Cabinet Doors

Redecorating your kitchen can add worth and life span to your home. A standout amongst the most detectable approaches to change the look of your kitchen is to stain the kitchen cabinets. Regardless of the fact that you choose to stain the cabinet doors, it can light up and add life to the room. Staining cabinet doors is maybe the simplest part of the cabinet to stain.

  1. Sand the cabinet door completely with the 100-gravel sandpaper. This will help clear out any defects in the wood and give you a smooth surface on which to work.
  2. Apply the stain to the wood using brush strokes that run with the grain of the wood. Determine you immerse the wood thoroughly with the stain and after that wipe the stain away. The objective is to verify that stain is connected to every segment similarly and left on the wood for an equivalent measure of time.
  3. Let the stain on the cabinet door dry completely. When dry, brush on the wood sealer over the stain in the same bearing you connected the stain. Let the wood sealer dry completely.
  4. When the sealer is dry, sand down the wood sealer with the 240-gravel sand paper to smooth out any knocks that may have happened in the sealing process.
  5. Apply the wood varnish to the sealer on the cabinet in the same way as you placed the stain on the cabinet. When the varnish is dry, re-hang the cabinet door.

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