How to Replace Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

You adore the color of your cabinets and suppose they are well made and sturdy however you just aren’t enamored with the style anymore. You don’t need to replace them with something shiny new just because you are sick of the configuration. Quality cabinetry is unmanageable. In the event that you are on a tight plan you might wind up replacing your exceptional quality cabinets with something lower review just to save some cash. Put the cabinets you as of recently need to great use by giving them a cosmetic touch up. Request new drawer fronts and cabinet doors to replace your old and you will have another kitchen presently.

  1. Buy the materials you will reface the cabinet doors and drawers. Measure your existing doors and drawers for precise particulars. Work with a cabinet merchant to discover a style and color that complements the frame you on which you will be hanging the doors and drawers.
  2. Remove the old doors and drawers. Remove the screws from the door pivots and set the sum of the pieces aside to be discarded.
  3. Assess the drawer boxes. Provided that you have a four-sided drawer box with a plate connected to the front, you can remove the whole plate from the front of the drawer. For a three-sided drawer box, remove the drawer from the cabinet. Cut off the overhanging panel on every side of the drawer with a saw.
  4. Connect the new pivots to the cabinet frames with a drill. Join the doors to the pivots. Open and shut the doors different times to verify they are hung rightly. Adjust the screws and pivots until the doors are properly placed.
  5. Join the new drawer fronts by boring a hole from the inside of the drawer through the front. Place the new drawer plate on the front. Join the plate with screws.
  6. Drill a hole for the drawer hardware from the inside of the drawer box through the front plate. Secure the hardware with a screw.
  7. Bore holes in the cabinet doors for the cabinet hardware. Append the hardware with screws.

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