How to Remodel Wood Cabinet Doors

Provided that your wooden cabinet doors appear as though they have experienced better days or the stain has blurred, rebuild them. Redesigning wooden cabinet doors does not require extraordinary carpentry aptitudes or tools. Instead, consider carrying the wood to life on your cabinet doors and installing new hardware. New hardware (pivots and a handle) promptly replenishes the look and feel of your cabinet doors. The point when settling on cabinet handles, consider different apparatuses in the room, for instance, a stainless-steel cooler. Selecting stainless-steel doorknobs will complement the different apparatuses.

  1. Remove the cabinet doors by unscrewing the pivots holding them in place. Pivots connect to both sides – front side and inside – of cabinet doors. Place the doors on a level working surface.
  2. Remove the cabinet doorknobs with your screwdriver. Unscrew the fasten holding the doorknobs place on the backside of the cabinet door.
  3. Sand the cabinet doors with sandpaper. This permits stain to hold fast to the cabinet door and dulls the present stain on the doors. Rehash for every cabinet door. Clean all dust off doors with a delicate brush in the wake of sanding.
  4. Measure all sides of the cabinet door (top, bottom and sides) with your measuring tape. Buy wood trim consistent with the measurements for every cabinet door.
  5. Secure wood trim to every cabinet door with your sledge and finishing nails. Lay the cabinet door on an even surface and place the trim on the door. Secure the trim with finishing nails.
  6. Stain every cabinet door and appended trim with the stain and a cloth. Shake the stain, open it and plunge your cloth into the stain. Rub the cloth onto the cabinet door and trim. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you apply the stain with the grain or against. Rehash as vital. Permit the stain to dry and apply a second cover if required.
  7. Join new doorknobs to every cabinet door. Place the doorknobs against the front of the cabinet door and secure by screwing the screw into the again of the doorknob with your screwdriver.
  8. Join every cabinet door to the cabinet frame with new pivots. Place the door against the frame where you removed it, and screw screws into the designated holes as of recently on the door and frame. Rehash for every cabinet door.

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