How to Install Molding Trim on Kitchen Cabinet Doors

You began with even front cabinets because they were cheap and served their reason, however now you need to jazz up your cabinet doors with trim molding. Don’t be perplexed about this anticipate. There are simple approaches to add molding to a cabinet that don’t require complicated cuts and installation instructions. Take your cabinet doors to the following level by adding shaker-style trim. Shaker trim is magnetic and simple to install.

  1. Clean the cabinet doors with smelling salts based cleaner and a delicate cloth to remove any oils or deposit that may meddle with the glue.
  2. Measure the width of the cabinet door at the top and the bottom of the door, using a measuring tape. The two measurements could be off slightly if the door is not impeccably square. Curtail a trim piece to match these widths, using a round saw. Cut straight over the wood.
  3. Sand the edges of the wood with fine-gravel sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges.
  4. Run a dab of development cement along the again of the two trim pieces. Place the trim on the front of the door and join them to the cabinet door with C-braces.
  5. Measure the stature of the cabinet beginning at the bottom edge of the recently installed trim piece descending to the top edge of the other recently installed trim piece. Rehash the measurement on the other side. Slice trim pieces to match these measurements.
  6. Sand the edges of the remove trim to smooth any rough wood.
  7. Spread development glue on the once again of the trim. Embed the trim between the two previously installed trim pieces. Clip the trim to the door. Permit the cement to dry.
  8. Rehash this process with the sum of the remaining cabinet doors.
  9. Drive finish nails through the trim and into the door to secure the trim to the door. Remove the cinches. Fill the nail holes with wood putty.

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