How to Sand Cabinet Doors With Latex Paint

Latex paint gums up when it is sanded. Assuming that the cabinets are to be repainted with new paint then you have two choices: sand the sum of the latex off or lightly sand the latex paint and repaint the cabinets with an alkyd oil-based paint. Latex tends to stay when the doors of the cabinets are shut. Sanding the latex will rough up the paint and slice the paint atoms enough to give more surface territory for the new paint to stick to.

Lightly Sanding the Cabinets

  1. Hold a 220-gravel wipe sanding square in one of your hands and lightly sand the even surfaces of the cabinets. Sand in all over or side-to-side movements. Don’t sand too quick or the latex paint will gum up and damage the surface.
  2. Fold a bit of 220-gravel sandpaper fifty-fifty and sand the scores and edges of the cabinets. Sand lightly to scratch the paint. The scratches will be insignificant because the gravel is so fine. You’re essentially dulling the surface.
  3. Wipe off all dust using a tack material and the cabinets will be prepared for preparing and painting.

Sanding The Cabinets to Remove the Latex Paint Altogether

  1. Place a 40-gravel bit of sandpaper onto the orbital sander and sand the vast level ranges of the cabinets. Look as the coarse gritted sandpaper gums up the paint.
  2. Scrape away all gummed up latex using a putty knife. Be mindful so as not to gouge the cabinets with the edges of the putty knife. Pull the paint far from the cabinet with your fingers if conceivable.
  3. Place a 60-gravel bit of sandpaper on the orbital sander and keep sanding. Scrape away gummed latex.
  4. Place a 80-gravel bit of sandpaper on the orbital sander and head over the cabinets. Scrape away gummed latex.
  5. Review the cabinets to perceive what amount of paint remains in propriety. Place a 100-gravel bit of sandpaper on the orbital sander and head over the cabinets. As of right now uncovered wood may as well start to show. Place a 120-gravel bit of sandpaper on the sander and sand the remaining latex off the cabinets.
  6. Use bits of folded sandpaper to sand the paint in the sections of the cabinets. Use 40, 60, 80, 100 then afterward 120-gravel sandpaper. Sand the paint over and over again and from side-to-side holding the sandpaper with your fingers. Scrape away gummed paint with the putty knife and pull it off with your fingers.
  7. Wipe the cabinet doors with a tack fabric to remove all dust.

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