How to Repaint Cabinet Doors

Cabinets that get discolored or out of style after some time don’t have to be scrapped quite. Another cover of paint will carry new life to cabinet doors and frames. Use a latex paint with semi- or high-sparkle paint for cabinet doors as the finish is strong and simple to clean. In just a day or two, your cabinet doors will look very nearly in the same class as new.

  1. Remove the doors from the cabinetry by unscrewing the pivots with a screwdriver. Remove the pivots and hardware from the doors.
  2. Clean the doors using water and trisodium phosphate cleaner, connected with a wipe. Wash the doors with clean water and permit them to dry completely.
  3. Sand the doors with 80-gravel sandpaper then afterward with 150-gravel sandpaper. Wipe down the doors with a moist material to remove sanding dust.
  4. Put the doors on an old covering or dropcloth to avoid paint from getting on the floor.
  5. Apply paint to the doors with a roller or 2- to 3-inch brush, beginning at the interior of the door and working out to the edges. Permit the paint to dry for two to three hours and flip the cabinet over to the next side. Paint the second side with the same strategy, working from the center at the edge. Permit the cabinets to dry for no less than three hours and after that reattach the pivots and hardware.

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