How to Prepare Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Painting

Assuming that you apply paint straight over unassuming cabinet doors, noteworthy paint flop is liable to happen. Tragically, numerous amateur do-it-yourselfers don’t know the proper approaches to condition their cabinets and regularly use improper methods. Utilize the proper cabinet-door arrangement methodology dependent upon the state of your cabinets, or you could wind up with chipping and peeling. Identify the suitable materials before you begin, or the cabinets might reject paint.

  1. Remove the cabinet door handles, using a screwdriver.
  2. Sand varnished cabinet doors using a force sander loaded with 180-gravel sandpaper. Sand with the wood grain. Stop when the finish appears dull. Skirt this step if the cabinets are unvarnished.
  3. Wipe down the cabinets with tack materials.
  4. Apply expert painter’s tape and concealing paper to any territories you don’t need painted. Cover the floor or countertop with drop fabrics.
  5. Cover uncovered wood cabinet doors with latex preparation, using a 3-inch engineered polyester paintbrush. Apply an oil-based first stage to stained cabinet doors, using a 3-inch common swarm paintbrush. Apply just a light layer to avoid a listing finish. Brush in a vertical movement, being mindful so as to smooth runs and trickles. Sit tight two hours for the cabinets to dry.
  6. Wash engineered polyester paintbrushes with water. Use mineral spirits to wash common swarmed paintbrushes.

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