How to Properly Paint Stained and Varnished Woodwork

Paint will adhere to wood surfaces, even those that recently have a layer of stain or lustrous varnish. The surface must be roughed up for proper bond, so taking the steps vital to enough get ready the finish for paint produces the best effects. Roughed, scratched surfaces permit the paint to bond better and the […]

How to Sand Cabinet Doors With Latex Paint

Latex paint gums up when it is sanded. Assuming that the cabinets are to be repainted with new paint then you have two choices: sand the sum of the latex off or lightly sand the latex paint and repaint the cabinets with an alkyd oil-based paint. Latex tends to stay when the doors of the […]

How to Stain Old Cabinet Doors

Old cabinets can make any room look terrible. Anyhow numerous homeowners can’t manage the cost of the significant speculation it might take to buy new cabinetry. Luckily, refinishing old cabinet doors is not an unimaginable do-it-yourself assignment, and it can save you a considerable measure of cash. With the proper tools and provision strategies, you […]

How to Prepare Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Painting

Assuming that you apply paint straight over unassuming cabinet doors, noteworthy paint flop is liable to happen. Tragically, numerous amateur do-it-yourselfers don’t know the proper approaches to condition their cabinets and regularly use improper methods. Utilize the proper cabinet-door arrangement methodology dependent upon the state of your cabinets, or you could wind up with chipping […]

How to Repaint Cabinet Doors

Cabinets that get discolored or out of style after some time don’t have to be scrapped quite. Another cover of paint will carry new life to cabinet doors and frames. Use a latex paint with semi- or high-sparkle paint for cabinet doors as the finish is strong and simple to clean. In just a day […]